7 Benefits Of Positive Thinking

7 Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Have you ever been through a situation where you are out in the scorching heat feeling exhausted and thirsty and not much water left in your bottle? Well, probably we all have gone through situations like this, or at least similar. So what would be our immediate reaction? Be honest with your answers.
There are two probable answers for the question… either we will feel the water left is not sufficient enough to quench the thirst(which the majority of us will think) or a handful of us will think ‘ thank god, at least we can quench our thirst for a while and finish our work till we get more’.

What do you think, which reaction is going to help you out of the situation? No denying the fact…obviously the second one. Isn’t it a more positive outlook towards life?

Well, here lies the benefits that POSITIVE THINKINGcan bring to our life.

1. Reduces stress and anxiety level

Positive thinking helps controlling the negative self talk and to deal with the situation with renewed enthusiasm. In stead of brooding over the complexities of the situation and submerging into depression, positive thinking keeps us focused into problem solving and making way towards solution. This lifts the weight of anxiety from the heart and reduces the stress level. This helps control the blood pressure level.

2. Healthy heart and healthy me

When stress and anxiety levels are lowered down and the blood pressure level is under control our heart can’t keep itself without being pampered. A healthy heart will always result in a better health condition. A healthy body can always give us that healthy mind that generates strong will power. Positive thinking also helps us to look into the bright sides of every thing and accept life as it is. This brings immense mental peace. So positive thinking results in an overall physical and mental wellness and also increases the life-span.

3. Mood up-lifter

As positive thinking doesn’t allow to harbour any kind of grudge, vengeance, ill feeling or low self esteem it always acts as a mood up lifter and spreads happiness all around combating depression and frustration for oneself and others.

4. Pain tolerance

Being the mood up lifter and acting as a cheer-leader, positive thinking helps to cope up with pain with much ease. Simply looking into the bright sides of things and keeping aside the negative emotions we can easily deal with a broken jaw or a severe migraine. When we look into the miracles of medical sciences, we would realise how positive will power can transform life. Along with physiological treatments, positive mindset can act as a mental therapy which help people to win against their medical conditions.

5. Self- care

Down by responsibilities we often neglect personal care. Positive thinking boosts self esteem and instigates us to put the limelight into our own self. Small positive deeds like taking meals at regular intervals, taking proper supplements, personal hygiene etc. can make a big impact on our life. A better personal self can take care of people and situation far more with ease and comfort.

6. Confident and productive life leading to success

Increased self esteem will restore confidence which is very much needed to lead a productive life. Productive life doesn’t mean being selfish and hoarding money and claiming that as success. Life becomes productive when it is blended with creativity, confidence and generosity. Productivity is the key to success. The more you are positive, the more you are productive, the more successful you are. The more successful you are, the more you will encourage and inspire people towards success.

7. Personal and social relationship

Positive thinking acts as a catalyst in the matter of relationships. Being grateful and looking into the positive traits of each people will obviously increase the positive vibrations of a relationship. We will become much more forgiving and generous and keeping away our expectations we will be able to accept people as they are. Our relationship with family and friends will be strengthen and our social acceptability will be increased. Better relationship with people will help us to handle them in a productive manner leading to an increased success ratio.

So, in stead of seeing the glass as half empty, we could see it as half full. It’s all perspective of seeing a situation……our attitude towards life. As Harvey Mackay has put it…. “ Positive thinking is more than just a tagline. It changes the way we behave. And I firmly believe that when I am positive, it not only makes me better, but it also makes those around me better”.

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