Tips To Declutter Your Mind

Tips To Declutter Your Mind

Have you ever got caught in the traffic jam of your own thoughts, littering hither and thither in your chaotic mind? If the answer is YES, then you need a serious CLEAN UP. Removing clutter from your mind is as important as rearranging and tidying up of your wardrobe. Just as you can miss the right outfit in the right moment due to a messy wardrobe, so also you can miss the right opportunity due to a cluttered mind. Decluttering the mind is no easy task, it needs determination, dedication and positive outlook.

To bring back the harmony of your chaotic mind, here are some tips to declutter it –

The alarms

Before decluttering our mind we need to know what a cluttered mind is like and how it can affect us. Well, a cluttered mind is just like a cluttered house…you will never find anything in the right place and in the right moment. It’s like an eternal confusion and anxiety forever. Like a cluttered room, a cluttered mind leaves no space for new ideas and new thoughts. Hooked on into it’s past baggage, it makes people timid, forgetful, messy and even makes them doubt there own abilities, therefore more likely to be a FAILURE.

Priority list

Each and everything can’t be of equal importance to us. Make a priority list at the beginning of the day and stick to it throughout the day. It will relieve you from unnecessary works and save you from anxiety at important hours. You can note it down anywhere – in a notebook, laptop, cell phone, wherever it’s convenient. It will save you from unnecessary burden of memory.

Set reminders

Set reminders for important works and it will save your time and anxiety, making you less forgetful and more perfect.

Let it go

Release yourself from past emotions that are not serving you anymore. Lingering to the past and dwelling in the locked chamber of your emotional baggage will pull you back making it impossible for you to move on with your life. This is the highest amount of negativity, source of self pity and low self esteem.

Rise like a phoenix

Venting out your emotion is a great way to declutter your mind. Instead of bursting out on a person, write it down on a piece of paper like a journal recording every bit of your anger, emotion, fear, doubt and frustration. After that tear the pages and burn it down into ashes. It helps us to relieve the mind of all the negativities and feel relaxed. From these ashes a newer you will rise like a PHOENIX ascending towards success and happiness.

Practise gratitude

Gratitude is a magical word that can transform life. The more you are thankful, the more you are at peace and the less you will feel anger and frustration. Expressing gratitude to people, incidents, even to a small bird whose chirping up-lifted your mood in the early hours will help you to get rid of the negative emotions.

Take a break

Take a break from the toxic world and retreat into the cosy lap of mother NATURE. Instead of cramming yourself with loads of information (both negative and positive), go easy with your ways. Being updated doesn’t mean you have to store everything inside your head and keep brooding on that. Be intelligent enough about your media in take. Stay away from TV, cell phone, laptop etc. for some time and enjoy your day with your loved ones or at least enjoy your own company.


Creativity instigates divergent thinking and looking into a situation from a different angle. It requires an active mental process resulting in action. Creativity helps to utilize the important elements of your thought process and preventing it to go astray. Hence, you are more focused and less cluttered in your mind.

Workout and Meditation

Working out and sweating in a GYM or practising Meditation can work as miracles. These are great stress busters and boost healthy and positive living. Being physically and mentally fit will incur great thoughts leaving less space for clutters.

Declutter your place

Cleaning up your home and work place will have a visual impact on your mind. Cleaner circumstances tend to have happier minds. So before decluttering your mind start with your surroundings.

A cluttered mind is the root cause of every problem. A little effort can simplify our life beyond measure.

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