Quarantined Thoughts

Quarantined Thoughts

Almost two weeks have past, the sudden surge of fear and pain has started to subdue, still some flickering passion reflects in the memory lane like some distant mirror, which is more of a dream than reality countered. Days are now not really days, it seems that the earth has suddenly stopped rotating. When I, with millions of other people in the world have decided to lock ourselves down in our own sweet recluse, the time has stopped from then on.

A villain has suddenly been escaped from the Hollywood screens and our very existence has been shaken. A panic-stricken human civilization has been caught in its own web, trying hard to escape, but only zombifying each other in the process.

Our mother has been sick for a long time. Instead of taking care of her we have been inflicting upon her sorrow after sorrow, ravishing her heart and bereaving her of her numerous children. She waited patiently for her most magnificent creation to look back on her, but in vain. She is angry with her most talented child and vows to teach him a hard lesson. Our merciful mother’s wrath is draining the life force from us.

Death and grief, horror and panic are looming large around us. The secured four walls are not strong enough to save us. We are trying to capture the world in a mouse click, but little do we know about the future, neither present, nor our past. Days start without a rush, go on without a hustle and ends with a whimper. For some people life has been a standstill and for others it’s crawling slowly fearing a monster waiting ahead. Clock ticks on, time flows on and the days are like endless thread of white and black shade. So many things to do, but time has suddenly lost its value. Some of us who have never been so fortunate to enjoy sufficient leisure, can also feel the endless thread of non-ending days, as if a motion less sand clock has been gifted to us by inheritance. We inherited it from our mother earth when we almost choked her to death. It’s her last wish. We should be isolated, burdened under the heavy weight of static time and suffered until we attain the purgation.

We humans have long ago centred ourselves within our own selfish means. Busier than the bees and faster than the fastest beast. Mankind is gradually diffusing into individual man- the closer we get physically, the farther we get mentally. Love and emotion seem to feel like a kind of bondage. Breaking free is the new trend. The more we separate, the more our need to fill the void, unfortunately with false values and fake life. Little have we thought that distancing ourselves from our basic entity will come back as a boomerang to us in future. Now we can’t even trust our own hands. The whole water on earth is not enough to make us pure. We are forced to shut down ourselves inside our own walls maintaining social distances even with our most loved ones. A new born baby is not safe with her mother whose womb has protected her through her journey to a new world. Our deeds are paying us back. Submerged in our own narrow mind and pursuing our shallow needs we have ignored our larger family, exploited our dear friends and betrayed our loved ones. Now is the time when no one is around us. Though we have a large network, we are forced to quarantine ourselves in a locked room and often without our loved ones. Now we can realize the fruitless pursuits of our life. We have been so busy with the outer world that we have forgotten our inner happiness. It’s high time to delve deep into our inner consciousness and be a part of the collective happiness. Black is the colour in which every colour is absorbed and lose their identity. In these long black days we should also try to absorb the basic essences of life. We are nothing in this vast universe, just a fraction of a small dot and we have no existence if compared to the energy flowing through the universe.

Nature heals herself when time comes. We are in the continuous flux of making and unmaking. Nothing is permanent. Even the very existence of our Solar System is not permanent. Who are we to decide how the earth should be? Let’s respect the universal laws and celebrate our life here with other earthly entities. For now, we have to suffer. It’s our KARMA. After the cleansing is over, we have to submerge into the life force, or else nothing can save humans. A baby dies in the womb if the mother dies. Humans will also not survive if the mother earth dies. Being humane should be our fundamental of life. Social distancing is teaching us a lot and we should not forget that lesson when the spring will smile again.

Like the seven sleepers we will sleep over the nightmare of the cold wintery nights and will wake up into a new greener world where Nature is the Goddess and we her disciples. We should look into our souls and go back to our basics and we will overcome it with new hopes and promises.

Words to note:
Seven sleepers- Seven young men who hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 CE to avoid the religious persecutions by the Roman Emperor Decius. The young men were Christian followers and slept over for some 300 years. When they woke up they found that Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire by then.

N.B. The allusion to the seven sleepers in my blog post has nothing to do with religion. It just means that we will overcome the crisis, as if, we are sleeping and dreaming a nightmare and when we will wake up, we will have a new dawn full of love and hope.

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