Chronicles of a Lockdown Battle

Chronicles of a Lockdown Battle

It’s only eleven in the morning and those tiny particles have already started to betray me!! Now it has become their daily drama. I can’t handle it anymore, fighting single-handedly each and every day. Initially they used to bother me in the evening when I was all set to spend some time with my own self. But now I can realize that ignoring them is my biggest mistake and they have come back with all their armours on.

Challenging something is one thing, but going through the warfare is quite difficult, especially when you cannot strike back to your opponent. I have two choices left with me – either bear the pain or pamper it to a conclusion and I decide to choose the second one.
Now a treaty has been signed. The head quarter has sent those mighty little living buds an à la carte to choose from. My commander is a generous being and she has an amazing control over me and my mighty little opponent. I have no other way, but to follow her instructions. But I must admit that things are quite better after the treaty and I can have peaceful long day with sense and satisfaction.

Now comes the real peace! Battling a hectic day in a confined situation is not easy, so better make a settlement with your opponent. The treaty turns out to be far more advantageous for me. Actually, in my heart I was craving for this, but didn’t have the courage to acknowledge the fact. So, this is a win-win match for me and I readily indulge myself into the privilege of being treated and treat as well. It’s time to make myself clear. Due to the lockdown my taste buds are starving. The daily meagre meal cannot appease their appetite. They are in revolt. Obviously, social media is playing their part damn well. Whenever I open FB, they are there to instigate my taste buds, conspiring with them to shake my feelings, making my mood dull and monotonous and my days dreadful. Enough is enough. I start collecting ammunitions, sending messages to my allied groups and taking expert opinions. I connected myself worldwide and collected every possible information. I am ready for the front now.

Finally, one day I attacked them with a sweet tooth bite. The brownish sweet balls dipped in the sugar syrup hit them hard. The unruly buds didn’t get any chance to bother me for the next two days. Now, after two days they are even more cranky. As they are sweet proof now, I have to change my strategy. The triangular bullets stuffed with deadly combination of energy chunks turn out to be the perfect weapon for the moment. This alternate fighting method of sweet and salty proves to be a great success and I keep adding on in the list of my ammunitions. Some times with crispy white disks, while another time with sugar dipped white balls. Now and then with protein clad yellow shells and crystals flowing in semi liquid substance. All is going too well.

I am relieved that this lockdown is unable to crush my spirit and the love of life and happiness. May be, I am blessed enough to afford the luxury for some tiny buds, while thousands of people are heavily burdened with their essential necessities. Life still goes on and it’s different for all of us. Majority of us are trying to do our best to overcome this pandemic and making the life easy for us and for others. There is no shame in trying to keep yourself happy. Healthy world doesn’t necessarily mean only a green and clean planet, this planet includes us, the humans also. We cannot overlook the fact that when the pandemic is over, we need a mentally balanced and strong generation to take the lead on. Stay healthy. Stay happy. Best wishes to each and everyone.
N.B.: Head Quarter/Commander – Brain
          Allied groups – Friends and Relatives
          Connecting Worldwide – Google/ YouTube
          Ammunitions – Various sweets and snacks

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