The Little Girl In The Musical Land

The Little Girl In The Musical Land

One day a little girl got lost in a dense wood. Her parents couldn’t find her and cried and cried till they left for their home. All alone the little girl was so scared that she had forgotten to cry and crept inside the hole of a large tree trunk. She was shivering in cold and hunger, so she crept deep inside the hole. She felt some warmth there and fell fast asleep. There in her sleep she dreamt about her sweet little home, the fireside stories, her mother’s charming voice and her father’s laughter. She dreamt and dreamt and twisted this side and that side. There was a secret way through the tree down deep inside the earth. The entrance of the way was that hole where the little girl was sleeping. As she twisted and rolled in her sleep, she fell deep down and woke up. She was surprised to see so much light there. She started walking. The more she walked, the more amazed she was. It was a magical land of light and music. Tiny little fairies were dancing and singing and playing on various musical instruments. Suddenly some beautiful little fairies came and flew her inside a royal castle. There she was fed and washed and were given wonderful clothes to wear. After that the Queen of the fairies came to meet her. The Queen was gorgeous and beautiful, glittering stars were shining on her hair, her voice was the most musical one. The Queen smiled and milky white teeth of pearls shined and dazzled the eyes. She asked the little girl –
In this light and storm,
Where came you from,
Tell me all,
O little pretty gal.

The little girl was too nervous to say anything. Then the Queen said –
O little gal,
Fear not at all;
I am the Queen of
Light and musical Hall.
Tell me all,
O little gal.
Then the little girl told her how she was separated from her parents and was lost in the woods and how she crept inside the tree trunk and came here. Listening everything the Queen promised to help her reach home, but for that she had to do something for the Queen. The little girl agreed. The Queen took her to a dark chamber. Inside that chamber there was a crystal ball floating in the air. The Queen then said –
See little gal,
Our music in all,
Rest in the crystal ball
And we rest here,
Deep inside the earth dear.
Little gal, Make the music flow
In air and water
And everywhere.
With the music
We will glow
And reach the heaven
With magic
And stardust glow,
O gal, make us free
And the heaven
We must see.
The little girl asked the Queen how she was supposed to do so. The Queen told her that she must create a music from her heart, as melodious as the nightingale and as light-hearted as the soaring skylark.
It must flow over the mountains and valleys,
Over the streams and winding allies;
It must touch the hearts of men and women,
Children and animal lives as well;
Spring must touch all lives alike,
Cherry trees must blossom pink and white.

The little girl thought of her small village, her sweet home, her beautiful garden and of her loving parents. A sweet melodious flow came out of her heart and carried away by the air into the ears of every living thing and touched their heart. The spring came in the chariot of heaven and touched the cherry trees with her magic wand. They bloomed and bloomed, till the whole country is covered with beautiful cherry blossoms.
The crystal ball disappeared in the air,
The whole Hall was over flown with music never so there.
All the fairies made a ring around her,
They danced and sang so light to hear;
The Queen in the middle,
All light and riddle,
Thanked little girl
With a pearl,
That was hidden.
The little girl was amazed by the sudden change. The Queen told her that this pearl was a magic pearl full of music and melody and one day the girl will be famous for her musical remedy. People will come from far away land and will seek her remedy for diseases unlearn. The Queen took the girl in the chariot of heaven and dropped her home and left for heaven. The little girl’s mother came running out of her room and hugged and kissed her child until the moonlight covered the night.

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