The Dolphin and the Fisherman

The Dolphin and the Fisherman

One day a fisherman went for fishing in the sea. Morning till noon, he was floating on the sea, but couldn’t get anything. He was a poor, helpless, old man who didn’t have any friend to help him. Tired and hungry, all by himself he tried for the last time. A sudden jerk and a strong pull! Good Heavens! Something big was there. With great effort he pulled the net closer, but the unseen creature resisted strongly. Finally, he was able to pull it up. His jaws dropped in surprise. He didn’t expect this. It was a dolphin! A small sized dolphin, as long as five feet, caught in his fishnet. He was excited to see the dolphin and thought of the amazement and gathering of people around him in the evening. He thanked god that he could now make some money.

The dolphin was very scared. It was a baby dolphin and somehow drifted away from its family. Panic-stricken it whistled loud and tried hard to free itself. The more it struggled, the more it was entangled in the net. It whistled louder and louder and tried its best to communicate with its mother, but all was in vain.

A bottlenose dolphin it was, not more than a year old. It was supposed to be with its group, by the side of its mother. Sheer misfortune had brought it here. Its beautiful grey skin reflected the sunlight. The poor creature tossed this side and that side and helplessly looked at its predator. The pain in the dolphin’s eyes touched the fisherman. He remembered the frightening look of his dead child when he was thrown overboard during a storm, right in front of his eyes and he couldn’t do anything. He made up his mind and swiftly cut through his net, despite knowing that he could not afford a new fishing net in near future. But the joy that he felt in freeing the poor creature was far greater than his poverty. The dolphin leaped up high in the sky, took a vault and dived back into the sea. Slowly its whistle faded away in the evening sky. A sudden peace descended upon the fisherman, which he had not experienced since his only son’s death. He calmly adjusted the direction of his boat and prepared for his way back home.

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