The Rainbow Bird

One beautiful spring morning when the garden is on full bloom and birds are chirping around, chasing colourful butterflies from flower to flower and dancing in the sun’s golden shower; a bundle of colours suddenly flies up and perches on the branch of a cherry tree. O hoo… it’s a Rainbow Bird! The other birds look at it with envy and the butterflies start circling it in amazement. The squirrels stop fighting and look at it in wonder. The Rainbow Bird is as cheerful in its nature as in its colour. Soon it makes friends with everybody in the garden. The Rainbow Bird is the favourite of all the birds. It has the sweetest of all voices.

When the spring passes away and the summer comes, no one notices. Their merriments know no bounds. Suddenly, one afternoon a big raindrop falls from the sky. Then one after another other drops follow. Pitter patter everywhere. Monsoon has arrived. A splash of water, a pool of mud, lush green trees and a thirsty earth quenching her thirst. Soon the garden is filled with the sound of rain and thunder. Every creature tries to protect itself from being wet. The Rainbow Bird tries its best, but cannot help being drenched.

The sun peeps in through the clouds after the rain stops. The birds come out of the shelter and start singing. The butterflies dance around and the squirrels start fighting for the nuts. The Rainbow Bird comes out of its nest and spreads its wings, but its wings don’t dazzle today in the bright sunlight. Its vibrant colours have faded. It remembers the day when the beautiful rainbow agrees to give her colourful hues to its dull feathers. Day after day, how it has absorbed colours from the rainbow. The only condition is that rain shouldn’t touch it. Basking in the happiness of the garden it has completely forgotten about this condition. Sadly, it perches on the tallest branch of the cherry tree and the shrill sad melody from its throat tears the blue sky.

Days pass on and gradually all its colours have faded. The whole garden is mourning its loss. One day the rainbow peeps in through the sky and spreads its colourful umbrella over the garden. With teary eyes the Rainbow Bird pleads for colour, but in vain. The Rainbow cannot share her colours twice with anyone. She has to shower her favour impartially over everyone. The Rainbow Bird becomes sad. It comes back to its nest and hides itself. The Rainbow Bird has stopped singing and playing with other birds in the garden. It even tells the butterflies not to bring flowers. It even doesn’t peep for once to see the squirrels running around its nest. The Rainbow Bird has barred itself from each and every creature of the garden.

Then one fine morning, when the sun peeps through the white clouds after it has rained incessantly for the whole night, all the birds gather around the Rainbow Bird’s nest and form a circle. Their vibrant colourful feathers glistening in bright sunlight make it look like the nest is surrounded by a wave of colours. The Rainbow Bird is amazed with the incident and comes out to find the matter. All the birds greet the Rainbow Bird with a cheerful note and tell that they have come to help. They tell the Rainbow Bird that they will all give it their colourful feathers and will help it to become as beautiful and colourful as before. They will sew the feathers in such a way that the feathers will not come out. As the feathers are natural in colour they will not wash away in rains also.

One by one the birds come and sew their feathers deep into its wings and tails. Soon it turns into the most amazing bird in the garden. The Rainbow Bird comes out of her nest and looks at its own reflection in the water of the pond. Tears roll down from its eyes. The Rainbow Bird cannot find words to express thanks to its friends. It flies around the garden in joyful happiness and sings the most beautiful song to its friends. The Rainbow Bird with all other birds again take the flight towards the blue sky, up above the clouds, in the region of rainbow. The beautiful rainbow is happy after knowing everything and blesses them a thousand times. Then they come back to their beautiful garden and continue living in music and merriment and helping each other in loving selflessness.

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